BIPOC Caucus 


The Black, Indigenous, People of Color Caucus (BIPOCC) was created with the mission to support current and rising public health professionals who identify as members of the Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color communities, while also advocating for the equitable distribution of resources and support for these communities across North Carolina. The BIPOCC envisions that every Black person, Indigenous person and Person of Color working in North Carolina's public health workforce will work in an environment that is respectful of cultural differences, rich in diversity, and supportive in equitable career advancement. The BIPOCC Goals are to:

  • Have a member of the BIPOCC on the NCPHA Executive Committee, and strive for representation on each section's executive committee;
  • Develop a program that provides culturally-competent and respectful mentorship to rising BIPOC public health professionals;
  • Review bylaws and other NCPHA policies for equity, as well as identify any unintended harm to BIPOC public health professionals and communities;
  • Host quarterly meetings to strategize and discuss rising issues, and,
  • Ensure there are activities that celebrate diversity in each NCPHA conference.

BIPOCC Membership is open to all NCPHA members. However, BIPOCC leadership is reserved for NCPHA members who are BIPOC. All members who are non-BIPOC must adhere to the values established by the BIPOCC to remain active. These provisions are to ensure that the BIPOCC remains a safe and supportive place for NCPHA who experience the burdens of racism in their personal and professional lives.

2022-2024 Leadership

Michaela Penix, MPH
March of Dimes

Vice Chair:
Clarissa Gooding-Aytch, MPH, MSW, LCSWA, LCASA
Carolina Outreach

Andrea Freeman, MPA
MTW District Health

Karen McLeod, MSW
Durham County Department of Public Health

Fall Educational Conference Planning Committee Representative:
Lindsay Dozier, MBA
Rockingham County Health and Human Services

Advocacy Commitee Representative:
Lakecia Owens, MBA
NC Department of Health and Human Services

Public Awareness Committee Representative:
Breyana Davis, MPH, CHES
NC Department of Health and Human Services