Virtual NC Cancer Survivorship Summit

April 30th – May 1st

This year’s theme is “Thriving in the Moment”

The virtual conference is free but registration is required.  Click below to register.

Click here for the Summit brochure

Registration has closed for the Summit. Hope to see you next year in Winston-Salem!


Join Us for the 13th annual NC Cancer Survivorship Summit on April 30th – May 1st. Due to the social distancing restrictions, it will be a 100% virtual Summit. The NC Cancer Survivorship Summit will have the same great energy, speakers, and time for you to connect with other survivors and caregivers like you. We want to help keep all of you safe during this time of thriving through a pandemic. It is for this reason we will meet virtually. The virtual platform we will be using can be used on the computer, smart phone, or tablet. 

We have an exciting program planned and cannot wait to share it with you! Please join us on Friday April 30th from 2-6pm and Saturday May 1st from 9am - 1pm for the 13th annual NC Cancer Survivorship Summit

The NC Cancer Survivorship Summit (Summit) purpose is to bring together cancer survivors, cancer patients and caregivers to share their experiences, learn the latest cancer treatments, research, and psychosocial issues, learn self-advocacy skills, and enhance the empowerment of survivors throughout their lives.  

The Summit help survivors feel more in control of their life, make informed decisions about care, find treatment options suitable for each individual, build confidence to face the challenges ahead, sustain relationships with others, and feel hopeful and apply lessons learned to their daily life.