The internships/practicum is open to ALL students of public health.  Both graduate and undergraduate internships/practicum are available. 
This is a cooperative project of the North Carolina Public Health Association, the NC Division of Public Health, the UNC North Carolina Institute for Public Health, NC Association of Local Health Directors, East Carolina University and UNC-Wilmington.  The webpage is hosted by NCPHA.

For Students:

Put your passion to work

Welcome to our pilot practicum website dedicated entirely to public health students!  Our goal is to help you find practicum experience working in local health organizations where you can put your academic skills to practice. 

You can browse positions here and apply to the public health organizations directly.



For Local Health Departments/Division of Public Health:

Let public health students help your initiative

Public health students with various backgrounds are looking for opportunities to build their skills through internships and practicums.  If you are from a Division of Public Health section or a local state health department and would like to post a practicum,
Intern/Practicum Job Description Form