Scholarships - 

The NCPHA Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the scholarships that are available. Scholarships shall be awarded at the Fall Educational Meeting for use in the following academic year. Click here to apply and learn more about the NCPHA Scholarships.

  • All applications MUST be received in the NCPHA office by July 11, 2022 to be considered by the selection committee. Incomplete applications may not be reviewed.
  • All scholarship applicants and the parent(s) for the Child of Member scholarship applicant must be current paid members of NCPHA.
  • The applicant(s) must provide confirmation of unconditional acceptance or enrollment at an accredited educational institution. Confirmation will include either a copy of an acceptance letter with enrollment date or a copy (unofficial or official) of the applicant's transcript.
The following additional criteria apply to all scholarships:
  • The applicant(s) need not be a resident of North Carolina at the time of application, but must intend to seek work in public health in North Carolina for at least two (2) years following completion of training.
  • Awards for public health training shall not be limited to study in a school of public health, but shall be for a regular academic program in an accredited educational institution which will advance the individual's competence in public health work.

The Scholarship Committee will take the following factors into account in selecting Scholarship Recipients(s):

  • Potential contribution of service to the people of North Carolina
  • Reasons for seeking additional training and relationship of program of study to career expectations
  • Financial need

Click here to view the available NCPHA Scholarships.



If you are a past recipient of a NCPHA scholarship or would just like to insure the financial sustainability of the NCPHA Scholarship Fund, click here to learn more or to make a donation.  Thanks!


Click here to see the past scholarship, Ann Wolfe Mini-Grant, All-Star and NCPHA Major Award Winners through 2022.





Application Guidance for Scholarships

If you have any questions about the application forms or the scholarships, please contact the Kim Dittmann by email or 919-828-6205.

Note: If any scholarship recipient fails to comply with the terms of the Scholarship Award, the recipient must return the scholarship money to the NCPHA.

**Applications MUST be received in the NCPHA office by July 11, 2022 to be considered by the selection committee.