Dr. Ann Wolfe Mini Grants

NCPHA is pleased to announce the availability of 4 Wolfe Mini Grants for Child Health and Infant Mortality. The grants are to be awarded at the NCPHA Fall Educational Conference. Each grant award will be in the amount of $8,000. Applications are due no later than July 7,2017.  Click here to download the Wolfe Mini Grant Application.

Strategies for Successful Request:

  • Type the proposals.
  • Answer all the questions completely in the space provided.
  • Submit the original and 4 copies to Kim Dittmann at the address below.
  • Obtain proper signature on the proposal.
  • Submit your proposal by the deadline stated.


  • Must be a Local Health Department in North Carolina as the primary applicant.
  • Project Year begins November 1, 2017 through an 18 month period.
  • Application is limited to the pages provided. Supporting documentation and letters of support are not necessary and additional materials will not be considered.
  • Grant funds cannot supplant local contributions.
  • The data statement on the cover page must be completed.
  • Type proposal using a minimum 10 font.
Proposals will be accepted by mail only. Please communicate directly with Kim Dittmann with any questions about the mini-grant process. Proposals (original plus 4 copies) must be mailed to:

Wolfe Mini Grant Committee
222 N. Person Street, Suite 208
Raleigh, NC 27601
Phone: (919) 828-6205

2010 Dr. Ann F. Wolfe Grant Winners include:
Jackson County Health Department's "Parenting Now," Public Health Authority of Cabarrus County's "Gestational Diabetes Hispanic Community," Durham County Health Department Nutrition Division's "Culinary and Nutrition Program- Low Income-Minority Middle Schoolers," and Bladen County's "Parenting Education Classes."
2011 Dr. Ann F. Wolfe Grant Winners include:
Surry County Health and Nutrition Center's "Task Force to Increase Public Education," Halifax County Health Department's "Reduce the Occurrence of Infant Death by Motor Vehicle," Toe River Health District's "Breast Feeding Continuation," Wilson County Health Department's "Postpartum Care and Support Program," and Robeson County Health Department's "Sweet Dreams, Safe Sleep."
2012 Dr. Ann F. Wolfe Grant Winners include:

Orange County Health Department's "Lamaze Childbirth Education Project," Cumberland County Health Department's "The Friendship Project," Martin-Tyrell-Washington District Health Department's "Establishing a Safe Kids Coalition and Training Staff to Install Car Seats," Forsyth County Health Department's "Forsyth County Breastfeeding Initiative."

2013 Dr. Ann F. Wolfe Grant Winners include:

Rockingham County Health Department's “Smoking Cessation Classes for Mothers of Small Children or Pregnant Women," Cumberland County Health Department's “The Baby Store Project," Guilford County Health Department's "CenteringPregnancy," Gaston County Health Department's "Pack N'Play Giveaways."

2014 Dr. Ann F. Wolfe Grant Winners include:
Martin-Tyrell-Washington District Health Department's "Safe Kids Riverbend Coalition," Durham County Health Department's "Fresh Food Rx Program," Catawba County Health Department's "Safe Sleep Initiative," Robeson County Health Department's "Special Projects Inspired by Recreation and Innovative Teamwork."