Current Events: 

  • The PowerPoint presentations from last week's Public Health Leaders' Conference will be posted the the NC DPH website in the coming days.  If you attended the conference or were registered for the conference, you'll receive an email when they have been posted.  
  • The Public Health Social Workers will hold a conference April 25, 2018 in Colfax, NC.  Click here for more information and to register.  

Check it Out:

  • This North Carolina Public Health Law microsite is designed for people who work with the North Carolina public health system, including local health directors and local health department employees, county attorneys, local boards of health, state public health officials and employees, and other government officials and employees. It is also available to students, citizens, and others who want information about North Carolina public health law.
  • Interested in doing some advocacy work but not sure how to address a public official?  Check out our Protocol Cheat Sheet.  It includes information on addressing (in person and in writing) local, state, national, and judicial public officials as well as former office holders. We hope you'll find it useful!
  • Interested in the history of public health in North Carolina and NCPHA?  We recently had many documents pertaining to the history of NCPHA scanned.  The documents include conference agendas dating back to 1912 and newsletters to 1972.  You can access the documents on this page.  This will be an ongoing process since there are many to upload, check back frequently.
  • The NCDPH Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch has released its updated Vision 2020 Plan!
    Here is the link:
  • If you are young and new to the public health field, be sure to check our the Young Professionals Group for NCPHA members 21-39 y.o.  To learn more about the group and how to sign up, go here
  • If you're looking for information on the health of our state's population, we've added links to the below page can direct you to important information regarding our state's youth, communicable diseases, cancer statistics, and more.
    Research Papers, Presentations, PPT's

Message from President, Brittan Williams                     

NCPHA is North Carolina’s premiere membership organization for public health professionals. As one of the largest and strongest APHA affiliates in the United States, I feel that NCPHA is well positioned to lead our state in public health advocacy and professional development for its members. Our strength is in our numbers and our passion for public health speaks volumes. 


As one of the participants in the inaugural year of NCPHA’s Emerging Leaders program, I am excited to learn additional and creative leadership skills that will not only be beneficial to my current career but also as I lead NCPHA as President. This unique program sets NCPHA apart from other membership organizations as we not only provide professional development for all members but are cultivating the future leaders of public health within our state.

It is really a great honor to be able to serve as your president for the next year. I look forward to continuing our work on the Healthy Babies Initiative and celebrating 100 years of oral health in NC at NCPHA’s 2018 Fall Educational Conference in Charlotte, NC.

I invite you to get more involved in NCPHA beyond being a member – join a Section, join a committee, express interests in leadership opportunities. As a volunteer organization, NCPHA is only as great as WE make it!

Brittan Williams, MPH, CHES, Accreditation Specialist, Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)

2017-2018 NCPHA President