Upcoming Events:

  • The 2015 NCPHA Fall Educational Conference takes place September 16-18 in Winston-Salem.  An exciting agenda is planned with informative sessions, inspiring speakers and great opportunities to network and attend fun events.  See Announcements (to the right) for the link to the registration page and exhibitor information. 

Check it Out:
  • Building Healthier Lives in North Carolina, a video commissioned by the North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors, was created to educate the public, particularly key decision makers at the local and state level, on the impact that North Carolina’s local health departments make throughout the state.  Public Health is a wise investment for North Carolina that saves lives AND money.

    A team of local health directors and public health communication professionals worked with the 219 Group of Fayetteville to conceptualize and produce the video, which made its debut at the NC Association of Local Health Directors awards luncheon in late January.

    Click here to see it!
  • The Academic Practice-Based Research Section is accepting award nominations for two awards - PHSSR Academic Research Award and the PHSSR Practitioner Award.  Nominations are accepted until August 14, 2015.  For more information click here.


From Lisa Harrison, 2014-2015 President, NCPHA

 Proud to be NC and Proud to be Public Health


The NC Public Health Association (NCPHA) is the leading professional association for people dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and environment of all North Carolinians. We are proud of what we do and who we serve – public health in North Carolina continues a more than 100-year tradition of excellence, service, partnership, and focus on population health. Public health in North Carolina has always embodied the triple aim health care everywhere today altstrives for: high quality care, low cost, and better population health outcomes: This is public health!

The public health profession encompasses a wide variety of occupational focus areas and backgrounds – the common thread is that the entire workforce in NC is committed to and passionate about protecting and promoting the public’s health.  NCPHA offers a voice to everyone working in public health and also prioritizes the essential service of ensuring a competent public and personal health care workforce.  We offer continuing education credits each year to those in nursing, environmental health, social work, health education, epidemiology, medicine, laboratory services, administrative and leadership roles, management support, information technology, communication, nutrition, dentistry, and a place for all students and researchers of public health regardless of specialty area.

Each year NCPHA hosts educational conferences for learning, enjoying, and earning continuing education credits at the same time. The Spring and Fall Educational Conferences have long been a highlight of NCPHA membership. The Fall conference is a time when public health professionals throughout NC come together for meetings, presentations, discussions, workshops, poster sessions, trade shows, and much more. Wilmington, New Bern, Charlotte, and Asheville have all been the backdrop for NCPHA past conferences. Plan to join us in May, 2015 in New Bern, NC, and in September, 2015, in Winston-Salem, NC.

NCPHA membership options include:  Regular Member, Student Member, Life Member (those who have been a member for 25 years are considered life members and benefit from additional privileges) Retired Member, Organizational Member (including 6 NEW members per year), and a range of affordable options. Please consider joining or re-joining NCPHA this year.  Now is the perfect time to add your voice to a chorus of other public health advocates. Come join us and help public health lead a new era of population health improvement in NC.

This is public health!