Healthy Babies Initiative

In 2016, the NCPHA Executive Committee discussed ideas to increase member engagement and cross-discipline conversation about current public health problems. The team knew that reducing infant mortality and improving healthy baby outcomes was the answer. NCPHA kicked-off the Healthy Babies Initiative on September 14, 2016 at the New Bern meeting to improve healthy baby outcomes as part of the Strategic Plan for 2016-2020. This new plan, will allow sections to share an overarching theme to work toward member engagement. Since the meeting, each section has determined their focus on this initiative. Some examples are below:

Public Health Leadership Section: Implement environmental policies to support breastfeeding in local public health agencies.

Women’s and Children’s Health Section: Work with family resource centers, Children’s Home of Greensboro, local health departments and possibly YMCAs.

Dental Section: Develop program (education and clinical) in partnership with the NC Oral Health Section and the Perinatal Oral Health Task Force.

Wellness and Prevention Section: support the following legislation: appropriate funds for tobacco use prevention, the healthy corner store initiative and inclusion of physical education in the NC report card.

Finance, Administrative, Management Support, and Information Technology Section FAMI): Support the goals and objectives of the Child Fatality Prevention Projects.

Nursing Section: Host Session titled “If I would have only known…” concept, similar to the tobacco ads that have been so successful. This video would most likely be a future project to begin after the fall conference.

Environmental Health Section: Providing supportive public health through ongoing assurance of safe well-water systems and safe food when dining out; in licensed childcare centers and public swimming pools; of early identification, surveillance, abatement enforcement, monitoring inspections and risk assessments for childhood lead poisoning; and with Healthy Homes services in counties where available.