As a Member of NC Public Health Association you will enjoy:

  • Leadership and educational opportunities within NCPHA committees, sections, caucuses, and Governing Council.
  • Opportunity to participate in section-specific activities.
  • Representation by registered lobbyists at the N.C. General Assembly.
  • Networking with other public health professionals and advocates.
  • A discounted rate for the NCPHA Fall Educational Conference and Spring Educational Conference.
  • Access to numerous awards and scholarships.
  • Social activities with other public health professionals.
  • Access to the NCPHA Employment E-List.  A members-only weekly e-list of public health job vacancies from across the state.  

Membership Benefits Continue to Grow

If you joined a section, see the NCPHA website for section-specific information and ways to get involved. You can also look forward to website enhancements, a rejuvenated public advocacy committee, increased involvement of young public health professionals through the NCPHA Young Professionals, and many other opportunities.

Your membership is good for one year from the time you joined and we will notify you for renewal. Click here and join today!