NCPHA Scholarships

The following scholarships will be available. All applications are being taken online for the first time. On the online form, you'll indicate which scholarship you are applying for.  If you are applying for more than one scholarship, you will need to complete an online form for each scholarship. 
You will need to upload the following information to the form (please have it ready before completing the form) Once the form is submitted, you will not be able to edit it or add additional documents. 

  • Two letters of recommendation - (to be uploaded as one document)
  • A resume outlining your professional and educational background. Robert Parker Leadership Applications should include a resume outlining five years working in public health and your educational background. 
  • Short answers (300 words or less per question) to these three questions - (to be uploaded as one document)
    1.  Describe how the scholarship funds will be used and why you need these funds. 
    2.  Describe your plans and goals in the field of public health that express how you expect to apply the graduate/undergraduate or associate training to advance your career in public health.
    3.  How do you promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in public health?


All applications are due by Friday, July 14, 2023. Omissions on the application may eliminate your application from consideration.


Applicants are unable to win each scholarship more than once.


Robert S. Parker Leadership Scholarship

One (1) $2000 Award

Applicants should be an individual who has worked in the field of public health for at least five (5) years and is pursuing graduate-level training that would qualify him/her for a leadership position in public health, and has been a paid member of NCPHA for at least two (2) consecutive years.  


Undergraduate/Graduate Education Scholarships

$1500 scholarships (number of scholarships given determined by Scholarship Committee)

The Undergraduate/Graduate Education scholarships are available for individuals pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree with application towards public health practice.


Associate/Technical Degree or Certificate Scholarship

One (1) $500 scholarship

This scholarship is available to an individual(s) pursuing an Associate/Technical degree or certification with application towards public health practice. 


Child of NCPHA Member Scholarship

$1500 scholarships (number of scholarships given determined by Scholarship Committee)

These scholarships will be awarded to children of a member of NCPHA (who does not serve on the NCPHA Governing Council) for the next academic year. The child must be pursuing a degree with application towards public health practice.


 Click here for 2023 Scholarship Application


Women’s and Children’s Health Section Scholarship for Professional Development in Memory of Dr. Ann Wolfe

One (1) $500 scholarship

This scholarship is for individuals working in a child health, family planning, maternal health or BCCCP Program of a public health department, university, or organization with a public health mission in NC. This scholarship is available for individuals pursuing advanced professional training in public health (can include an educational conference), certification, or an undergraduate or graduate degree with application towards public health practice in order to advance the individual's competence in his or her public health position in serving women and children. Separate application for this scholarship.  You will need this information in order to complete the application (will be asked to upload each doc separately)

  • Please describe how this training, additional education or conference will benefit/improve the work that you do for women and children in public health.
  • Please share your reasons for applying for this scholarship.
  • One letter of recemmendation 
  • Confirmation of acceptance into the continuing education or agenda/registration form for conference or training.
WCH Scholarship for Professional Development Application




Application Guidance for Scholarships

If you have any questions about the application forms or the scholarships, please contact Kim Dittmann at [email protected] or 919-828-6205.

Note: If any scholarship recipient fails to comply with the terms of the Scholarship Award, the recipient must return the scholarship money to the NCPHA.


The Nursing Section also offers two scholarships.  Click on the below links for the appropriate form for each scholarship: