Governing Council Members


Kiara Davis

Academic/Practice-Based Research:

Bonnie Coyle
Rose Byrnes

Advanced Practice Providers
Torica Fuller
Dental Health Section:
 Heather Edly
Emergency Preparedness and Response

Diana Hills

Environmental Health Section:

Amanda Nester

Epidemiology, Statistics, Laboratory Section:
Kyle Hiltbrunn
Finance, Administration, Management Support &
Information Technology Support:
Monica Short-Owens
Medical Directors
Velma Taormina, MD
Nursing Section:
Elizabeth Stevens
Public Health Leadership Section:
Anna Martin
Social Work Section:
Yolanda Massey-McCullough
Wellness and Prevention Section:

Megan Hauser

Women's and Children's Health Section:

Jacqueline Simmons

EDNCPHA Representative:
Andrea Freeman
Academic Liaison:
Yolanda Massey
DPH Liaison:
Erin Fry Sosne

Tia Foula

Citizens for Public Health:

Andrea Freeman

Organizational Structure:

Rod Jenkins

Past President's Ad Hoc Committee:
Rod Jenkins
Professional Development Committee:

Amy Belflower-Thomas

Public Awareness Committee:

Nina Beech


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