Membership and Outreach Committee

The Membership & Outreach Committee has a most important responsibility in insuring that NCPHA continues to grow in number and quality of members.

Organizational Structure Committee

The Organizational Structure Committee creates a nomination slate of officers for the NCPHA executive leadership and updates the NCPHA Bylaws and Manual of Procedures as needed.

Public Awareness Committee

Public awareness of the North Carolina Public Health Association is necessary to help the Association enhance the image of public health in North Carolina, to ensure that public health initiatives and legislation information are received and to keep the NCPHA membership and other organizations informed about the activities of NCPHA. To that end, this Committee is responsible for the Spring Educational Conference, Newsletters, the Pride in Public Health Ad Hoc Committee, the Facebook page and the Webpage

Public Advocacy Committee

Legislation and policy issues necessary to deal effectively with health problems must be the concern of this Committee. NCPHA represents all facets of the health field and the Committee must reflect this in its deliberation. Each year the Committee establishes a legislative agenda. The Committee works together with members, staff, and other organizations to see that public health speaks with a united front.

Fall Educational Conference Planning Committee

This Committee is chaired by the President-Elect and consists of a representative from each Section, the Academic Liaison representative, and a representative from the NCPHA Young Professionas and BIPOC Caucus. All members appointed by the President. The duties of this committee are Program Planning for the Fall Educational Conference.

Awards Committee

NCPHA bestows a number of awards each year to recognize individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to public health in our State. Check out the awards page to learn more.

Scholarship Committee

This committee awards scholarships at the Fall Educational Conference towards that academic year as funds are available. Click here to find out more about NCPHA Scholarships.

Auditing Committee

Examine the financial records of NCPHA for the fiscal year ending June 30 of the previous fiscal year.

Fill out the Willingness to Serve Form if you are interested in serving on one or more of the above committees. The North Carolina Public Health Association is successful today because of the volunteers who give their time time and talents to the future of public health in the state.