Wellness and Prevention Section

Welcome to the Wellness and Prevention Section. Please join us as we work together to make North Carolina a healthier state. With the foundation of health education, we promote the discussion of wellness and prevention across agencies and organizations.

Purpose of the Section

The purpose of the Wellness and Prevention Section of the NCPHA shall be to bring together all persons interested in public health education including official agencies, voluntary agencies, schools, colleges, etc., for the purpose of fostering and stimulating:

  • A greater degree of opportunity for cooperation with all health personnel;
  • The promotion of joint planning among agencies, schools, organizations, community groups, and businesses concerning wellness and prevention;
  • A better understanding, integration, and promotion of health for all people.



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November 6 2018 Networking Event held in Raleigh

Resource Center

 2019 Fall Educational Conference Jeanne Palmer Excel Award Winner:  April Oxendine

             Wellness and Prevention Award Winners 2018


Wellness and Prevention Section Leadership 2019-2020

Shahnee Haire

Vice Chair:
April Tallant

Marissa Mortiboy

Karen Villines

Advocacy Representative:
Zo Mpofu and Sarah Jacobson

Fall Educational Conference Planning Committee Representative:
Shahnee Haire

Public Awareness Committee Representative:
Honey Estrada