Women’s and Children's Health Section


The WCH section membership includes diverse professions which include dental providers, nurses, social work, physicians, mid-level providers, nutritionists, health educators, and other public health professionals.  These professionals all share a focus on a variety of issues impacting the health of children and families using the life course perspective.  Examples of these health focus areas for the section include oral health, environmental health, pregnancy, and immunizations, preconception health, reproductive health, and developmental and psychosocial screening for infants, children and adolescents. The section's goals are to improve awareness of critical health issues for families, including training and access to information and promotion of collaboration between multi-disciplinary public health professionals to improve health outcomes. The section provides opportunity for individual professionals to share and leverage their specialty knowledge and develop partnerships which can impact public health at the local and state level.

2023 Fall Educational Conference Presentation:

Gender Affirming Care 

WCH Scholarship

Apply for the Women’s and Children’s Health Section Scholarship for Advanced Professional Training or Development.  $500 is available for use as either an academic scholarship or training (including NCPHA conferences).  Go here to learn more and to apply. 



  Resources for Women Experiencing Housing Insecurity

In 2018 the national rate of housing insecurity among women per 10,000 people was 6.61. In North Carolina between 1-4, women face housing insecurity. As a result of the pandemic, it is estimated that these rates have increased. The North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness has a few programs aimed at fighting homelessness, below is an infographic that shows the results of their recent Housing Connections Initiative."  


 WCH Section Newsletters

Fall 2022


Do you know a superhero that works in women’s or children’s health? Nominate them for the NCPHA Women’s & Children’s Health Super Heroes Award!

The NCPHA Women’s and Children’s Section Committee is requesting nominations for outstanding Super Heroes in addressing Women’s and Children’s Health. This award is intended to honor and celebrate the heroes who go above and beyond for women and children in North Carolina.

This award provides an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of public health professionals providing a service, program and/or practice in North Carolina.
The person making the nomination is required to be NCPHA member. However, the Super Hero nominee is not required to be a member of NCPHA.  You are allowed to nominate yourself for the award, however if you self-nominate, you must provide a letter of recommendations in addition to your nomination.

The application must include:

A letter of recommendation for the award from someone other than nominee.

AND if you are nominating yourself ALSO

A digital/video statement from the Superhero that is no longer than 2 minutes or 3 slides or 3 MB long


A 200-250-word essay by the Superhero.  Go to the below nomination form to submit your Super Heroes nomination!  Be sure to have your documents ready to upload on the form.  Your submission can't be edited once it's submitted. 


Super Heroes Nomination Form



Section Leadership 2023-2024

Jacquie Simmons

Vice Chair:
Leigh Yount

Stacy Rosser

Gerri Mattson

Fall Educational Conference Planning Committee Representative:
Michaela Penix

Advocacy Committee Representative:
Flavia Nalubwama

Public Awareness Committee Representative:

Michaela Penix



Section Officer Descriptions