Epidemiology, Statistics and Laboratory Section

In September 2015, the Governing Council of NCPHA voted to combine the Epidemiology and Laboratory Sections.  Our new section is now known as the Epidemiology, Statistics and Laboratory Section.  The new section is made up of individuals from local and state health agencies, academic centers, students, and other groups who are epidemiologist and laboratory professionals. 

The section seeks to encourage new recruits into the field of epidemiology, statistics, and emerging lab technicians.  Some of the goals for the coming year include:

  • Expanding our membership base

  • Connecting with the Schools/Programs in Public Health within the state

  • Creating a directory of individuals who are willing to become mentors to PH students

  • Increasing the training aspect of our sessions at the Fall Educational Conference and throughout the year via information technologies

  • Improving communications through our newsletter and via email

Check out the Epidemiology, Statistics and Laboratory Summer 2016 Newsletter!


Epidemiology, Statistics and Laboratory Section Leadership 2019-2020

Jennifer Schroeder

Vice Chair:
LeAnn Martin

Secretary and Treasurer:
Dana Larned

Fall Educational Conference Planning Committee Representative:
LeAnn Martin

Advocacy Committee Representative:
Gordon Daughtry

Public Awareness Committee Representative:
Jennifer Schroder