Academic/Practice-Based Research (NC PH-PBRN)

NCPHA’s Academic/Practice-Based Research Section is North Carolina’s Public Health Practice-based Research Network. (NC PH-PBRN). The NC PH-PBRN is one of the original PH-PBRNs funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The network is intended to stimulate and support practice-based research that is driven by questions developed by local public health practitioners in North Carolina.  The NC PH-PBRN also provides a forum through which researchers and practitioners statewide can interact and work together to improve population health.

This section will appeal to public health practitioners and applied researchers interested in creating the evidence base to improve public health systems and services.

Below are the minutes from the NC PH-PBRN's Officer's Meetings:

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January 2018

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Congratulations to the winners of the Speed Round, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations at the 2018 Fall Educational Conference!

Speed Round

Practitioner- Barbara Smith (NC Perinatal Oral Health Assessment)

Student- Katelan Ziegler (Are Active Older Adults Concerned about Air Pollution?)

Oral Presentations

Practitioner- Velma Taormina (Substance Treatment and Rehabilitation Program STAR)

Student- Ligia Vasquez-Huot (The Voices of People with Food Insecurity: Latinas’ Preferences  for Overcoming Food Insecurity) 

Poster Presentations

Practitioner- Victoria Hudson (Front of the House Food Safety Training)

Student- Shanece Green (A Knowledge Comparison: Health Literacy Among English and Spanish Speaking Patients with Diabetes, Prediabetes, or Neither in Rural Health Centers) 


Academic/Practice-Based Research Abstracts and Poster Presentations (given at NCPHA Fall Educational Conference in September)

Submissions for the 2019 conference will begin in June.


Section Leadership for 2018-2019

Co-Chair (Research) 
Nancy Winterbauer
(252) 744-4034

Co-Chair (Practice) 
Stacie Saunders

Cheryl Kovar

Advocacy Committee Representative:
Sue Lynn Ledford

Fall Educational Conference Planning Committee Representative:
Cheryl Kovar

Section Bylaws